Our business model

  • We adhere to our core values of honesty, integrity, respect and accountability in all of our engagements and operations.
  • We work efficiently, responsibly and profitably within any sector that we operate.
  • We maintain sufficient resources to reinvest in assets, train people, hold strategic oil inventories, and provide petroleum products and services in fullon time, and to international standards and specifications.
  • We constantly evaluate opportunities to expand geographically, as well as vertically into markets, which use and supply modern energy services, or laterally into alternative energy technologies.
  • We have a straightforward business model that is transparent and benchmarked against global companies in the same class. 

Vital is much more than a fuel company. We are committed to improving the lives of the people of Micronesia by contributing to Micronesia’s social & economic development.

The Vital Group, also known as “Vital” or “FSM PetroCorp,” is one of the most recognized corporations in Micronesia. We are here to meet the challenges faced in the region to secure access of high quality energy products and services for a growing modern island economy. The Vital Group consists of Vital FSM Petroleum Corporation (which operates in all of the FSM states) and its affiliate Vital Energy, Inc. which has operations out of Nauru and Guam. 

The Vital Group is currently the largest supplier of energy lifeline products and services in the Federated States of Micronesia and Nauru. Over the past ten years, the Vital Group has become one of the most established and successful corporations in Micronesia, continuing its expansion by adopting innovative ideas and providing affordable, accessible and high quality products and services to the communities it serves.

The Vital Group owns, operates and leases a significant number of assets and infrastructure across Micronesia, and have an ongoing comprehensive Asset Rehabilitation Program across their various operating sites. Vital specializes in the management of fuel and aviation facilities, and improving them to international standards. 

To continue providing the highest quality products and services, we place an emphasis on supporting and training our staff to be the best at what they do safely and professionally, providing the highest level of customer service and consistent, on-time performance. We are committed to giving back to the communities that we serve, and ensuring the long-term health and safety of our people and the environment.

Our long term Vision is to become the largest provider of energy lifeline products and services in the Micronesian region. To achieve Our Vision, we will be a leader in broadening the energy mix through renewables; we will develop the coconut industry, and will continue to operate efficiently by maintaining our assets to an international industry standard.