Information Management Strategy & Roadmap

Opening Date: December 15, 2017
EOI No.: 2017-02


The Vital-FSM Petroleum Corporation has operations throughout the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), Guam and the Republic of Nauru (RON), and is involved in the inland commercial, international aviation, international marine and retail service station sectors. Vital-FSMPC’s primary mandate is to ensure a secure supply of energy products at the lowest long-run-average-cost for the Nation.

Vital-FSMPC’s ability to embrace emerging opportunities and respond to threats depends on how well it can create, use and preserve information to make decisions and take action to achieve its operational and strategic goals. Along with people and finances, information is a key business resource for Vital, and as such, the management of that information is critical to achieving the business priorities.

Over the past ten (10) years the company has been ‘data’ centric, with a focus on the administration and records of contracts made with customers, vendors, partners, and employees. This IMS Program will set an ambition for Vital to transform into a leader in the area of information and knowledge management. The transformation of the company maturity index from ‘data’ centric, into a learning organization highlights the importance of focusing on information in order to improve our business intelligence, productivity and understanding of our communities.

With this Information Management Strategy in place, it will involve the planning, directing and controlling of all of the company information assets to meet corporate goals and to deliver programs and services.

Summary of Required Services:
1. Development of an Information Management Strategy and Roadmap that:

• Outlines consistent practices related to planning, creation, capture or collection, organization, use, accessibility, dissemination, storage, protection and disposition (either destruction or permanent retention) of information;
• Protects Vital information from security and privacy risks;
• Fosters a disciplined approach to managing information resources that is consistent across the business;
• Focuses on information content and the use of information that enables the business to capitalize on the value of its information resources; and,
• Outlines a Documents Management System that implements the IMS structure through well planned systems architecture which supports sharing and reuse of information, avoids silos or unnecessary duplication of information and seamlessly supports business decisions.

Qualifications and Experience
A well established Information Management Consulting Firm or consulting firm that has previous experience and a proven ability in similar nature of works.
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• List of similar works done in the last 5 years;
• Name of the Projects, Client, Initial & Final Cost of each of the projects;
• List of personnel on the projects and their experience with approved licenses;
• Contractors All Risk Policy and Workers Compensation Policy, all valid until the end of project completion;
• Provide HSSE Policy; and,
• Provide brief methodology of the works conducted

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