C4L – Landing Craft

Date: April 2, 2019
Subject: Landing Craft for Vital Energy C4Life Project
File Ref #: PC/A/6
RFP #: 2019-1



Vital Energy is seeking quotations for a landing craft for service in the FSM, in the Chuuk Lagoon and in the surrounding areas.


Business Requirement

Vital FSMPC C4L require the means to transport cargo between Weno port/Beiken Island and Tonoas ICPF.

Typical cargo to be moved includes:

  • 40’ containers on sidelifter (or chassis)
  • 20’ containers/20’ Isotainers on sidelifter (or chassis)
  • Loose cargo, and
  • Heavy equipment (up to 35T excavator)


Functional Specification

Landing craft must:

  • Meet business requirement as outlined above (requires verification of deck loads, envelopes, stability, bow door loads and so on)
  • Be less than 45m LOA and less than 500 DWT
  • Able to land at public ramp in Weno, Chuuk and at Ichimanton dock (specs and freeboards attached)
  • Comply with all relevant FSM shipping regulations and standards.
  • Amenities for crew to live aboard


Additional requirements

The successful vendor should be willing to provide:

  • Mobilization and delivery to Chuuk, FSM
  • Charter crew for a period of 3 to 6 months in Chuuk, FSM.
    • All documentation and manuals including but not limited to: Operator, Shop, Parts manuals, Service schedules, GA drawings, Detailed drawings, P&ID and Wiring diagrams
    • Stability book & ships logs
  • Rates for annual overhaul (travel and other expenses to be covered by Vital)
  • Supply of service and repair parts (1 year supply)
  • Supply of critical spares



Preferred but not critical:

  • Optional Crane for lifting small cargo/workboats.


Other Terms and Conditions

  1. This project is being solicited, will be awarded and executed in accordance with Vital Energy’s procurement policies and procedures.
  2. Payment shall be made in accordance to the offer and procurement procedures.
  3. All on-site works shall be carried out in accordance to Vital Energy’s Health, Safety and Environmental Policy.
  4. All proposals shall be in US Dollars.
  5. All offers shall be valid for minimum of 30 days.
  6. Vital Energy reserves the right to negotiate to achieve the final costing of this project.
  7. Vital Energy reserves the right to not award this project to the lowest bidder.


Target Date Requirements

Request for Proposal April 2, 2019
Proposal Deadline  April 15, 2019
Contract Award April 22, 2019
Commencement of Contract May 6, 2019


Submission of Proposal

Please submit your proposal via:

Email, to:                             rfp@fsmpc.com

Hand-delivery, to:            Vital Head Office, AMCRES Building, Yakipa & Kaselehlie Street, Kolonia, Pohnpei

Post, to:                               P.O. Box 1762 Kolonia, Pohnpei FSM 96941

If you should have any questions, please contact by phone or email.

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