Vital Energy is seeking quotations for a new work boat/spill boat for delivery to Chuuk State, FSM by the end of 1st quarter of 2018.
The boat will conduct fuel clean-up activities in and around the Chuuk port area using booms, skimmers and either onboard storage of the recovered product, or towing of appropriate floating bladders. The boat will also be occasionally used as a general work boat within Chuuk Lagoon.
As a result, the boat must operate in partially smooth waters under the Australian National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV Class 2D). Also, the boat may operate as a passenger vessel in a restricted offshore environment (NCSV Class 2C).

Specification/Scope of Works

Quotation to include:
• Design and manufacture of spill boat to the attached specification (SR – Function & Performance Specification_v0.2.pdf)
• Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of completed boat
• Sea trials of boat prior shipping
• Delivery to Chuuk State, FSM by March 30, 2018
• Operational and maintenance training by manufacturer (or their agent) at time of commissioning/handover in Chuuk.
• Provision of service and support for one year including:

  • Annual inspection and overhaul at base of operations in Chuuk.
  • Parts and repair advice.
  • On-call support

• Provision of trailer suitable for ramp loading/unloading of boat

Other Terms and Conditions

1. This project is being solicited, will be awarded and executed in accordance with Vital Energy’s procurement policies and procedures.
2. Payment shall be made in accordance to the offer and procurement procedures.
3. Payment milestones to include, but not limited to:

  • a. Signing
    b. Procurement completed
    c. Factory acceptance testing
    d. Delivery

4. All on-site works shall be carried out in accordance to Vital Energy’s Health, Safety and Environmental Policy.
5. All quotes shall be in US Dollars.
6. All quotes shall be valid for minimum of 30days.
7. Vital Energy reserves the right to negotiate to achieve the final costing of this project.
8. Vital Energy reserves the right to not award this project to the lowest bidder.

Target Date Requirements

Request for Quote Released November 6, 2017
Bid Submission November 24, 2017
Contract Award December 1, 2017
Commencement of works December 1, 2017
Delivery to Weno, Chuuk, FSM March 30, 2018

Submission of Proposal

Please submit your proposal:

In person to: Bruce Wallace, Project Manager (Cell: +691 926 3354)
Via email to:

If you should have any questions, please contact by phone or email.

Pre-Register your Interest

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