Business Growth

Diversifying our business for a brighter future...

Business Growth

Vital proactively develops new partnerships, products and services based on  market research and a refined marketing and communications strategy.

Innovations and technology are adopted to expand and increase its number of customers in the FSM and beyond.

  • Secure a stable supply of petroleum products
  • Broaden the energy mix through renewables
  • Operate at maximum efficiency
  • Maintain our assets to international industry standards
  • Meet the core energy needs of the region

Coconut For Life

We have multiple lines of business that provides us a diversified revenue stream. We operate in different markets in the region and this has strengthened our business core.

Our Coconut 4 Life initiative is part of the Vital Groups strategy to grow and diversify its business, the company is expanding its coconut business by constructing an Integrated Coconut Processing Facility (“ICPF”).

The ICPF project will be pursued in conjunction with a power project to construct a Solar Diesel Hybrid Power Plant on Tonoas island, located in the Chuuk lagoon.

“Vital is seeking to diversify into the agricultural sector by undertaking an initiative to establish a coconut processing business and associated power plant. This is intended to create an amplified business model and engage with communities across the FSM, leading to a sustainable future.”

Largest supplier of energy in the FSM

Provide a stable supply of petroleum & other high quality energy products to meet the core energy needs of the region.

Independent terminal operator

Own/Operate/Lease – fuel terminals, storage tanks, pipeline systems, bulk trucks & aviation fuelers.

Conduct marine bunkering

At main ports in Pohnpei, Chuuk, Yap, Kosrae and Nauru for vessels requiring refuelling.

Vital FSM Business Model

We engage efficiently, responsibly and profitably within any sector we operate.

We maintain sufficient resources to reinvest in assets, train people, hold strategic oil inventories, and provide petroleum products and services in full, on-time, and to international standards and specifications.

Sales transactions made annually
Operating Facilities