CSR Program

Social. Environmental. Economic.

The Vital Group has a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program which targets social, environmental and economic initiatives throughout all of our operating locations. Launched in 2013, Vital’s CSR program ensures that we continue doing our part to give back to the communities that we serve and also to the employees who work day-in and day-out to create the successful company that you see today. Individuals, groups and organizations are eligible on a case-by-case basis to apply for funding or support from Vital. 

Through our CSR program and in conjunction with our company’s strategy ‘Voyaging Together 2025’, we will continue to support such initiatives and will seek new opportunities to give back, while also creating a sustainable future for our islands.

The Vital-Rotary Scholarship Fund

We have partnered with The Rotary Club of Pohnpei since 2013, and have provided about 50% of the funding that the Club distributes annually to students throughout the FSM. Scholarship granting is one of the pillar programs of the RCP. Following the contributions made since 2013, The Vital Group Board of Directors determined that the time was right for the company to formally establish a scholarship fund. An MOU between The Vital Group and The Rotary Club of Pohnpei established The Vital-Rotary Scholarship Fund of $25,000 per year, to be awarded to qualified FSM citizens towards post-secondary education in the priority fields of Engineering, Accounting, Finance, Business, Agriculture, Chemistry or other specific science field relevant to Vital’s sphere of operations. Students awarded with the scholarship will also be eligible for summer internships within the Vital Groups many operating locations and departments. The Pohnpei Rotary Club will work closely with state and national scholarship committees to leverage funding sources.

The Vital Fishing Circuit

Throughout the Pacific, fishing is a way of life. In many cases nowadays, fishing as a livelihood often results in much fuel consumption. The Vital Fishing Circuit is The Vital Group’s signature sponsored event held in its operating locations of Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk, Nauru, and Yap. Spearheaded by the Officer In Charge at each location, the fishing tournaments are an excellent opportunity for the company and our staff to give back to the communities we serve.

The 2017 Vital Fishing Circuit has one last tournament for the year, in the beautiful waters of Yap State. For details, contact John G. at (691) 350-2276.

The 2018 Vital Circuit Schedule of Tournaments:

Vital Kosrae Fishing Circuit – Saturday, March 24, 2018 at Okat Marine Park

Vital Pohnpei Fishing Circuit – Saturday, June 9, 2018 at Mangrove Bar & Grill

Vital Chuuk Fishing Circuit – Saturday, August 25, 2018 at Rachel’s Beach

Vital Nauru Fishing Circuit – Saturday, September 8, 2018 at Anibare Boat Harbor

Vital Yap Fishing Circuit – Saturday, December 8, 2018 at Yap Marina Bar & Grill

For more information, email us at info@fsmpc.com.