Energy for Life

The Vital Group has identified a requirement to increase revenue diversity to enhance the commercial viability of the organisation. In 2013, Vital diversified into energy generation, both conventional and renewable.

At Cabras Fuel Terminal in Guam, 100kW of Grid connected Solar Photovoltaic (PV) has been installed which in turn has reduced the purchase of power from the grid by approximately 50%. This initiative was driven to reduce the operating costs of the plant and to provide clean energy generation at the facility.

At Nanpohnmal Power Plant in Pohnpei, a total of 1.065MW Continuous Power (1.42MW Standby) was installed by Vital to assist the emergency power plant instability during this period. This initiative was driven to assist the utility on island with providing enough power to cover peak loads.

Vital’s success in implementing these power solutions has opened the door to future power installations, particularly providing power to un-electrified islands and to also assist island utilities to enhance their generation network and fuel operations.