SAFER Policy


Understanding, identifying, analyzing and controlling the hazards and subsequent risks that we all face in the workplace

Vital places a premium priority on the protection of the health, safety and security of our employees, our customers and the land, air and marine environments that we operate in.

Minimizing environmental impact, educating our employees on HSSE and enhancing awareness in the communities that we serve on human and environmental health is an ongoing and necessary component of our operations.

Toward this end, risk management is an integral part of Vital’s strategic objectives, management prerogative and decision making processes. Our proprietary PetroX software and HSSE Management System is continuously monitored, evaluated and updated, and all employees are trained in their roles in Emergency Response. Vital works continually in establishing contingency plans against accidents and actioning measures to mitigate risk to people, assets or the environment. This includes our continuous upgrading and improving to international standards the facilities that we own, manage and operate.