Aviation Bunker

The Vital Group provides Into-Boat Aviation Bunker fuelling services at the Pohnpei International Port in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia. With both the 3,000 gallon and 5,000 gallon refueler trucks in Pohnpei, we are able to service both into-plane and into-boat aviation customers.

The Into-Boat Aviation Bunker fuelling service translates to more flexibility for ship owners and operators to obtain aviation fuel.  For the fishing vessels based in Pohnpei, this provides another option available for purse seiners that are provisioned in Pohnpei to obtain aviation (JetA1) fuel effectively and efficiently. 

This service marks the first of its kind in the region using an aviation fuelling system that is working toward becoming Joint Inspection Group (JIG) and Air Transport Association (ATA) Specification 103 standard compliant.  Vital continuously works to strict procedures that meet the highest international standards for all of its fuelling operations and services, including Aviation Fuel Quality Control & Operating Procedures.  We are regularly inspected by airline and oil company customers to ensure these standards are being maintained in our day-to-day operations.

For your clients, they can be assured that the best international standard for JetA1 fuel is in place and available 24/7 year-round at Pohnpei International Port for all their jet fuel requirements delivered right into their jet fuel tanks on-board.  Vital stands ready to entertain your nominations for into-boat aviation bunker fuelling services.

For more information about the Into-Boat Aviation Bunker fuelling services, contact Vital Aviation / FSMPC at +691-320-6364 or email at petrocorp@fsmpc.com.