Shop Online

Customers will be able to purchase certain products via our online store which is Coming Soon! Please follow the below instructions for placing an order with Vital in the meantime, until this service becomes available:

Place Order

When you want to place an order with us, the following required information should be provided.  This helps us ascertain the level of service or product we need to prepare in a timely and friendly manner,  for both regular and walk-in customers:

  • Customer / Business Name (indicate clearly if this is a repeat customer or first time walk-in customer)
  • Point of Contact (POC) (name of the contact person)
  • Customer / Business Billing address
  • Delivery location (where is the product to be delivered to or pick-up at Terminal site)
  • Indicate class of product – whether fuel or lubricant that is being requested
  • Indicated the number of US gallons or liters (carton, pail or drum) of lube oils to be ordered
  • Method of payment (pre-payment by cash, credit card, or any other payment method to be specified by customer
  • Estimated delivery time (date and time) required

Payment Options

All quotations issued are valid for one day only unless otherwise stated. Any customer wanting to make a purchase should seek a new quotation if the existing one has expired prior to making payments.

Payments must be made prior to delivery of products unless otherwise approved for credit. The following payment options are available:

Bank Deposit
Direct deposit of Cash or Cashier’s check can be made to the appropriate account through any Bank of Guam branch. Account details are provided by the Terminal that our customers wish to purchase their products from.

Company checks may be accepted only with prior approval from management.

Card Payment
Each Vital FSM PetroCorp Bulk Terminal accepts the following cards:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Air Card (US Military)
  • Pacific Express Debit Card

Prior approval from Management must be made before card payments will be accepted for each transaction.

World Fuel Services
Aircraft wishing to refuel under World Fuel Services will be accepted once Vital FSM PetroCorp receives refueling authorization for/from WFS.

Account Charge
Customers can apply for an account and charge fuel to that account. All accounts must be approved by management and an application for can be found [here].