Strengthening our Business & Community Relationships....

At Vital, we have dedicated resources and developed mutual, meaningful and productive relationships with:

  • Suppliers
  • Governments
  • Non-Government Organizations
  • Financial Institutions

Vital proactively develops new partnerships, products and services based on market research and a refined marketing and communication strategy. This strategy strengthens and expands mutually beneficial relationships, for our islands and our communities.

Innovations and technology are adopted to expand and increase our number of customers in the FSM and beyond.

The Vital Group believes that quality matters.

Specialising in Petroleum Supply, Oils, Lubes, Coconut Products, Renewable & Conventional Power Energy, at Vital, we have on offer to our customers the highest quality products. We provide the marketplace with innovative products and services that help drive performance and productivity in the FSM and Micronesian region.

Largest supplier of energy in the FSM

Provide a stable supply of petroleum & other energy products to meet the core energy needs of the region.

Independent terminal operator

Own/Operate/Lease – fuel terminals, storage tanks, pipeline systems, bulk trucks & aviation re-fuelers.

Conduct Marine Bunkering

At main ports in Pohnpei, Chuuk, Yap, Kosrae and Nauru for vessels requiring refuelling.