Family empowerment, community development & economic growth in Micronesia

Voyaging Together 2025

In late 2015, the Vital Group embarked on the development of a new Vision, Mission and Strategic Framework to ensure the continuing success of our company moving forward.  

This 10-year framework is known as Voyaging Together 2025.  

At this point in the company’s growth, from an unknown and unproven FSM corporation to a recognized and valuable State Owned Entity that operates commercially across the Micronesian sub region, ‘success’ will mean that Vital continues to play a central role in generating revenue and creating value for the nation.  Broadly, this will include a continuing focus on lateral and vertical diversification and entering into new markets by expanding ‘lifeline’ energy products and services to other islands across the region. We will accomplish this by using the company’s significant capability and resources to develop other sectors, such as renewable energies and the coconut industry of FSM. This should be driven by, and opportunities provided for, the growing network of individuals employed by the company.


In developing Voyaging Together 2025 (VT2025), a 22-person management team worked closely with the Balanced Scorecard Institute who facilitated the team through a 9-step process in the development of the Vision, Mission and Strategy Map for the company.  The Strategy Map includes the 17 core strategy objectives, measures and targets that will drive VT2025 toward meaningful, measurable results.  The inclusion of a cross section of Vital employees and line managers from across the company in this process was important. 

We worked from the ‘bottom up’ as opposed to the ‘top down’ for this purpose and anticipate that this will:

  • create a sense of pride and ownership over VT2025 by Vital staff; and,
  • ultimately empower staff to take personal and professional leadership – particularly the core ‘Objective Owners’ and Project Managers.

By mid- 2016, the establishment of a Strategy Execution Team (SET) and a Committee on Resource Effectiveness (CoRE) was underway, which in 2017 will ensure that we are ‘steering’ the strategy in the right direction. Both groups create a solid foundation for all of us to execute a strategy that will open many opportunities for growth and achieve our Vision which is to be the largest provider of lifeline energy products and services in the region.

‘Voyaging Together 2025’ (VT2025) was selected as the Strategy motto for an internal branding campaign. VT2025 was created to ignite interest and excitement amongst all of Vital’s employees for the new Strategy and give it context and meaning. Below is an explanation of what ‘Voyaging Together 2025’ represents for Vital.

‘Voyaging’ signifies Vital’s journey moving forward and the skills required to make that journey.  It symbolizes an important moment in our company’s history as we navigate toward our shared Vision and Mission.

Together’ because reaching our goals requires teamwork with a sense of responsibility and purpose.  Each one of Vital’s employees will contribute through their work, to Vital being the best company and the best company to work for in Micronesia. It involves everyone that is associated with Vital, including the communities we serve.

‘2025’ is the moment that we will be able to reflect on all that we have achieved in the previous ten years.  We will look back with pride knowing that we have led our communities and our islands in a prosperous direction.

The Voyage to 2025 focuses on family empowerment, community development and economic growth for the islands of the FSM, driven by our core values of integrity, honesty, accountability and respect. ‘Voyaging Together 2025’ will continue to push Vital to lead the way in employing sustainable methods and technologies in our operations. The canoe is an essential part of any voyage, particularly in the traditions of Micronesians, and symbolizes our foundation as a company, which we all help to build together to create a “vessel” (the fundamental elements of the Strategy), which will take us on our journey forward.