Power Generation

The Vital Group supports local utilities by assisting with integrated small conventional power plants and with managing spinning reserve and peak power.

Vital currently has a 1.065MW of Continuous Power (1.42MW Standby) diesel power plant at Nanpohnmal in Pohnpei. This power plant provides a low cost $/kWh to its client. The plant consists of 4 x 355kW (Continuous) Volvo Engines connecting directly to the utility. The premise for the smaller units is to allow for higher fuel efficiency and quick change out and replacement at end of life.

This plant is utilised during peak periods to provide the utility additional power on demand and provides an integrated power system that assists in controlling spinning reserve.

The operators at the power plant also control the fuel supply to the utility as per the FOMA. The fuel supplied on site to the utility is held to the same standard of Vital’s fuel terminals ensuring that only very clean fuel is supplied to the client as this is a crucial component for running diesel generators providing grid power.

Vital is rolling out more renewable generation solutions to all fuel terminal facilities throughout the FSM to reduce purchased power consumption. This not only reduces our operating costs which in turn leads to lower costs for Vital products, but it also ensures that these facilities operate with as much green energy as possible, reducing their carbon emissions.