Spill Prevention

Spill Prevention

Vital Emergency Response Program

Nothing is more important than spill prevention and Vital ensures on a quarterly and annual basis that the proper trainings are in place and sufficient response equipment is available for any tier of spills.

This is accomplished through theĀ Vital Emergency Response Program, with Vital Terminal Managers designing and leading mock emergency responses (e.g. oil spills, fires, etc.). Preparedness is maintained in this way on a continuing basis.

Vital works in close collaboration on these simulations with all emergency response units in its locations, including state police, airport response teams, state hospitals and the like. The simulations help to ensure that all staff is trained in a team environment on the highest international standards in Fire Response, Spill Response, Natural Disasters and other emergency situations.

The primary aim is for the company to protect to the utmost people and the environment, as well as essential infrastructure at all times.