Renewable Energy

Vital continues to integrate innovations and technology into our operations, including adopting renewable energy solutions to reduce our carbon footprint.

In 2013, we installed 105.6KW Solar PV system at the Cabras Fuel Terminal in Guam. You can view the system’s ongoing energy generation in real time by clicking HERE.

To date, the system has generated over 250MWh directly from the sun. It has provided over 60% of the energy required at the fuel terminal to distribute fuel to the Power Stations in Guam. This has lowered our costs and reduced our Greenhouse gas emissions by 108.39 metric tons.

We will continue to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint through out our organisation. We ask you all to join us in being mindful of your water and energy usage, as we work together to protect our islands and our homes. For our families and our communities.