Our Vision

The overall Vital Vision is straightforward:

Vital is the largest provider of energy lifeline products and services in Micronesia.

The Vital Vision today consistently strives for dynamism, professionalism, responsibility and progressive activity, both organizationally, as well as individually through the day-to-day work of the Company.


  • Vital serves as the largest supplier of energy to the people of the FSM and the Micronesian region.
  • Vital actively seeks opportunities to expand vertically into markets, which use energy and supply energy and laterally into alternative supplies of energy.
  • When customers buy from Vital they do so knowing that they are paying prices as low as practical, which allows Vital to continue to supply energy in a timely, safe and secure manner.
  • Customers buying from Vital always receive polite, friendly service.
  • Vital secures and meets the energy needs of the nation and the region while maintaining a safe place of work and a clean environment.
  • Vital employees pro-actively use technology and their personal skills and knowledge to reduce energy supply and operating unit costs for customers.
  • Employees want to work for Vital because of the development opportunities it provides.
  • Vital gives back profits which are excess to its operating and development needs, to the people of the Micronesian region to better their lives.